NCI Advisory specialises in debt investments, debt asset management, and debt advisory.

Since establishment in 2008, NCI Advisory has managed the debt fund Nordic Corporate Investments and generated an average ROI of 12 % p.a.

NCI Advisory offers multi-purpose financing for credit-worthy corporations where traditional means of financing are not available, e.g. banks.

We worked with NCI on the mezzanine financing in the acquisition of Norisol A/S in August 2018. NCI was in control of internal procedures and very much demonstrated a solution oriented dialogue in a process that moved at fast pace with many stakeholders involved. We would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with NCI again

Per Christensen, CEO at MS2 invest A/S

In Fable Media, we are very pleased with our cooperation with NCI. We have a continuous, open and constructive dialogue regarding our business with NCI, and there is concensus on finding pragmatic and flexible solutions in a positive tone – also if the things have evolved differently than expected. Our work with NCI is defined by mutual trust and a promise is a promise. And also, basically, NCI’s team is very pleasant and positive to work with. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with NCI in the years to come!

Frederik Cardel Falbe-Hansen, CEO at Fable Media ApS


Jørgen Beuchert

Jørgen Beuchert

Jørgen Beuchert

  • +45 4199 8250
  • jb@nciadvisory.com

Has more than 30 years of Nordic and international structured finance experience at executive level, providing strategic advisory in respect of the complete capital structure and hands on implementation of complex finance strategies for large corporations and projects. Was responsible for establishing an international bank’s leveraged finance business in the Nordics with a volume of EUR 3 bn and teams in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. Took the initiative to establish the debt fund Nordic Corporate Investments and the debt asset manager NCI Advisory in 2008, which since 2008 has generated double digit returns, with no losses.

Ralitsa Møller

Ralitsa Møller

Ralitsa Møller

  • +45 2347 8944
  • rm@nciadvisory.com

M.Sc. in International Marketing and Management and HD diploma in finance. More than 20 years in financing, debt advisory and treasury from Citibank, HSH Nordbank, KPMG (Head of Debt Advisory) and Nets A/S (SVP, Head of Treasury and Capital Market). Extensive experience in structuring and execution of structured financings for corporates, renewable energy and other project finance in the Danish as well as the international bank and Debt Capital Markets. Experience from both lender and borrower perspective in capital procurement, capital structure optimisation and financial restructuring.

Vidar Thorlaksson

Vidar Thorlaksson

Vidar Thorlaksson

  • +45 4024 1421
  • vt@nciadvisory.com

M.Sc. in international management. Nine years working with DCM, ECM and and M&A. Former entrepreneur. Examiner and supervisor at Copenhagen Business School in the field of M&A and valuation.

Yvonne Gotfredsen

Yvonne Gotfredsen

Yvonne Gotfredsen

  • +45 4076 2029
  • yg@nciadvisory.com

HD Diploma in accounting. Experience as accountant, financial controller, HR, manager of an accounting agency and responsible for Finance and Administration. Former employments: E. Haamann, Alcatel-Lucent, SK Bogholderiservice and Dansk Merchant Capital (simultaneous).


Debt Asset Management

NCI Advisory offers debt asset management. We manages the debt funds Nordic Corporate Investments (NCI) and NCI Credit Opportunity Fund A/S (NCIC), as well as managing the debt-related investment activities for Scandinavian Investment Group A/S.

Debt Advisory

NCI Advisory is internationally experienced, working with complex debt transactions including project finance, infrastructure finance, private placements, acquisitions finance, refinancing, structured finance and distressed restructuring. NCI Advisory can assist clients interested in:

  • Investing in debt products such as senior or junior corporate loans or bonds
  • Outsourcing of credit analysis and management of debt investments
  • Credit analysis of individual transactions or portfolios
  • Analysis of complex transactions
  • General advice and guidance regarding debt investments
  • Strategic recommendations regarding optimal capital structure and implementation

Multi-purpose Financing

NCI Advisory offers multi-purpose financing for credit-worthy corporations where traditional means of financing are not available.


NCI Advisory manages the debt fund Nordic Corporate Investments (NCI), a leading Danish debt fund. NCI is organised as a typical investment fund with an independent professional board. Funded by institutional investors, NCI invests in senior and subordinated loans, second liens, mezzanine, direct lending and high yield corporate bonds in Northern Europe. NCI has paid out dividend each year since establishment in 2008, delivering an average annual ROI of 12%.

  • Nordic Corporate Investments A/S
  • 2008
  • Open-ended
  • AuM EUR 65 million (growing)
  • Professional investors
  • Northern Europe
  • Sector-agnostic
  • Direct lending, leveraged finance, high yield bonds, refinancing, structured solutions
  • EUR 2-7.5 million
  • 3-6 years
  • Yes


Examples of companies Nordic Corporate Investments A/S has invested in are as follows:


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Over their the course of their career, the team has been responsible for debt advisory in relation to the following companies:

Examples of companies the NCI team has overseen investments in, prior to joining NCI.


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